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PTS Series

Diesel driven,Air-cooled type,100% oil-free

PTS series air compressor is a 100% oil-free air-cooled air compressor specially designed and manufactured to adapt to more demanding rental sites. Adapt to all kinds of bad operating conditions on the rental site, including power & water shortage, extreme low & high temperature, flammable and explosive area, dusty, narrow space, etc. After 20 years of global market application, it has strong equipment stability, safety and fuel economy. It is widely used in oil & natural gas, energy and power, steel, air separation, electronics, automobile, food and medicine and other industries with strict air quality requirements.


  1. Model
    PTS 800/916/1600
  1. Max working pressure
  1. Max capacity
  1. Compression level
  1. Power rating
    205/399(Output@100% load)
  1. Power input
  1. Sound pressure level
  1. Air evacuation valve size
    DN80/ 3" (PN16)
  1. Weight
  1. Dimensions
    4100*2030*2430/ 5240*2210*2350(mm)


  • Outdoor use & wheel mobile compact design
  • Selection of cold or hot air outlet
  • Internal tank + external tank interface
  • Design of double layer oil spill prevention
  • Built in spark catcher
  • Overload protection system
  • Emergency stop button
  • Antistatic design
  • Built in aftercooler


  • Strong adaptation to extremely harsh environment
  • More space saving
  • Easier to operate
  • More stable and safe operation
  • Minimize customer downtime risk
  • Lower fuel consumption, reduce operating costs for customers

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