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PSA Nitrogen generators

PSA Nitrogen Generator

PSA mobile containerized nitrogen generator can produce 99%, 99.9%, or 99.99% high-purity nitrogen. The equipment is designed in containerized containers, suitable for indoor/outdoor use, and can be used in parallel with multiple units according to gas demand. It is widely used in industries such as oil and gas, electronics, etc.


  1. Model
  1. Inlet pressure
    7~9 bar(e)
  1. Purity
  1. Main motor rated power
    1000/600/400 Nm³/h
  1. Dimensions
    7000*2350*3200 L*W*H(mm)
  1. Weight wet
    17000 kg


  • Main product features
  • 100% 0il free-with oil free compressor
  • 97%~99.999% Purity
  • Container Design


  • Widely applicable
  • Stable performance
  • Strong adaptability
  • Energy Saving

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