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Oil free high-pressure booster

D series 100% oil-free turbocharged engine

The D series 100% oil-free booster is a special type of rental machine that needs to be used together with a 100% oil-free air compressor and adsorption dryer. Its high-pressure oil-free characteristics have an irreplaceable huge advantage in the industry and are widely used in blowing bottles, system pressure tests/airtightness tests, etc.


  1. Model
  1. Max pressure
    42 bar
  1. Max capacity
    42 FAD (m/min)
  1. Main motor rated power
    220 kw
  1. Dimensions (L*W*H)
  1. Weight wet
    12000 kg


  • 0utdoor working
  • Container designed
  • Adapt to high & low tempreture
  • Remote monitoring


  • Stable running in sands and catkins environment
  • Collision-avoidance
  • Double-shellprotection

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