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Dryer, filter


A variety of different forms of high-quality dryers to choose from


  1. Name
    Low energy consumption adsorption/freeze dryer
  1. Processing range
    10~60 m³/min
  1. Dew point


  • Top brands in the industry:Pneumatech、Atlas Copco、Domnick
  • Different drying forms: non-thermal adsorption, micro thermal
      adsorption, blast thermal adsorption, refrigerated
  • Meet different dew point requirements: 2~5℃、-20℃、-40℃、-70℃ (pressure dew point)
  • Meet different filtering precision:0.1μm、0.01μm


  • Quality assurance higher than customer usage standards to ensure
      product quality
  • Meet the high-quality requirements of customers in various industries:
      electronics, air separation, automotive, food, medicine, chemical...
  • Maximize to ensure that the customer's CDA system is free from oil,
      dust, and water pollution

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