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Tianjin Bangshi food compressor rental project


Customer requirement:

  • Oil free air compressor, no need of circulating water, indoor use
  • Air volume is about 12 m³/min, pressure is 8.6ba


  • ZT90 air compressor + 15m Cable + several quick connect hoses


  • ZT series is an electric oil-free air-cooled air compressor
  • Standard product 
  • Mute, energy conservation

Why choose FOOEN rental?

  • Unique professional rental equipment: advanced technology, stable and reliable
  • Focus on R & D investment and technological innovation: more efficient, convenient, reliable and safer
  • Experienced professional team: we provide customers with the best solution and high quality service
  • Our equipment can adapt to various extreme harsh environment: extremely cold/high, sand, catkins......
  • Striving to save costs and create value for our customers
  • Timely response to customer‘s needs
  • Good industry reputation

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