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Electric driven oil-free air compressors





Movable,container,frame type 100% oil-free air compressor

Electric driven oil-free air compressor
Oil free air compressor provides you with high-quality air purity, which is used in various industries with high requirements for compressed air quality in production process. Our rental electric oil-free air compressor, with movable, container and frame type, various styles can be flexibly selected according to your use environment and requirements.



Wide range of industry applications

We provide high quality compressor rental services for petrochemical, electronic, gas separation, automobile, steel, energy and power industries. The compressed air we provide up to class 0


A large fleet with various specifications and complete supporting facilities 

We have a large inventory of rental fleet, a full range of oil-free air compressor products, including screw type, spiral tooth type, centrifugal type, piston type, etc., dryer, filter, connecting hose, air bag, air tank, power connection accessories ......To ensure that the needs of customers can be solved in a comprehensive and timely manner.


Avoid your losses and reduce your operating costs

Our oil-free air compressor rental service, when you encounter problems in your production, whether it is the failure of air compressor equipment, the temporary increase of compressed air demand, or the huge energy consumption of self owned large-scale compressor in low load operation, our professional services can solve it for you.


Comply with environmental protection standards

Our rental products meet the requirements of international standards, ensure environmental protection, reduce leakage and energy waste, and reduce the risk of violations 


Global service network

Improve the availability and reliability of oil-free compression equipment to a greater extent. We have a larger compressed air service organization in the world



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