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2018-10-30 0:42:00

How is the development of oil-free air compressor rental in China?


As a new industry, the development of oil-free air compressor rental service in China is not very long. Generally speaking, it can be described by two words: emerging, mixed. There are not many oil-free air compressor rental enterprises in China, but most of them continue to purchase similar to the generator industry or use the second-hand obsolete equipment of the factory as a resource for rental, which is to some extent the embryonic stage of the industry, and has initially enlightened and cultivated the compressor rental in the Chinese market with low rental penetration. However, with the increasing acceptance of this flexible solution by the market, the market has become active, and there are also advantages and disadvantages, gradually covering the needs of different customer groups of high, medium and low quality.

This industry belongs to the general classification of air compressor rental. Air compressor rental is mainly divided into two categories: oil-free air compressor rental and oil injection air compressor rental (or micro oil air compressor rental). Further subdivision, no oil and fuel injection can be subdivided into: high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure. Among them, oil-free air compressor is mainly composed of oil-free twin-screw and centrifugal air compressor, air compressor equipment brands are more concentrated in Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Rand, while dryer is mainly composed of Newman Tec and some domestic brands. The fuel injection models are quite miscellaneous, but they are also concentrated in these international first-line brands. The mobile diesel fuel injection engines are mainly Atlas Copco, sull air / IHI, Doosan and comp air.

It can be seen that the air compressor used in the lease is mainly an international first-line brand, the key is that the existing rental customer group will have higher requirements for equipment stability. For most of the second mobile phone rental enterprises, the strength is not strong, but the price of the second mobile phone can also be borne; for the regular professional rental enterprises, most of the service customers are high-end customers, who want to solve the problem when choosing to rent and provide guarantee for production. Such customers have high requirements for compressor stability, and they need high-quality temporary gas supply in many cases To ensure production operation or commissioning construction, in this way, the purchase of new high-quality equipment for rental has become an inevitable choice for such rental enterprises.

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