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2018-10-30 0:42:00

Application case analysis of oil free air compressor rental in integrated circuit industry


Application site: an integrated circuit factory in Shanghai, China

Service provider: Fooen equipment installation engineering Co., Ltd

Industry characteristics: as a large gas consumer electronic integrated circuit industry without oil and compressed air, the standard of oil-free compressed air is also the highest: dew point - 70 ℃ @ 8.5bar, oil-free (oil content < 0.01mg / m3), particles ≥ 0.1 μ m need < 100pcs / m3. In addition, the stability of uninterrupted gas supply for equipment stability, for the operation team's technology & experience requirements are also very high.

Case details: in the early stage of completion of an integrated circuit plant in Pudong New Area, the construction of supporting bulk gas plant is affected by land use procedures, so it is unable to build and supply bulk gas (mainly including CDA and N2) on time. At this time, gas suppliers find us and hope that we can cooperate to provide a reasonable plan for selection. Due to the gradual increase of gas demand from the initial commissioning gas source to the later production gas supply, the equipment is required to increase gradually from small to large. The gas quality needs to reach the general standard of integrated circuit from the beginning of 1000Nm? /h to the final 15000Nm? /h, and the gas quality needs to be stable and uninterrupted supply during the operation period. The gas needs to be directly used outdoors and the noise is ≤ 60dB. After receiving the customer's demand, we communicated with the customer repeatedly for many times, and finally formulated the overall scheme meeting the requirements, which was recognized by the customer. From the first equipment mobilized in March 2018 to most of the equipment removed from the site in November 2019, 12 sets of compressor equipment (10 sets of air compressors + 2 sets of nitrogen compressors) operated continuously on site without fault for 16 months at the peak, and experienced two hot summers and one winter. The high recognition of customers gives us all the efforts and the best reward in this project.

Specific scheme:

1) CDA gas supply for production: 9 sets of container type zt250 / 275 air-cooled electric oil-free twin-screw air compressor + 1 set of diesel driven mobile air-cooled oil-free twin-screw air compressor + 10 sets of high temperature cold dryer & micro heat adsorption dryer ≈ 16000nm ³ / h CDA (no oil, dew point - 73 ℃ @ 8.5bar)

2) Medium pressure nitrogen for production: 1 set of container type zt275-n2 oil-free nitrogen compressor + 1 set of container type zt132-n2 oil-free nitrogen compressor ≈ 3200nm ³ N2 (@ 8bar)

Scheme features:

1) It can be used directly in the open air all year round, stable and reliable, with good mute effect;

2) The motor operates continuously to supply gas, multiple engines operate separately, and the diesel direct drive oil-free engine is used as the standby engine, which is not affected by the water and electricity supply. Any single equipment failure / inspection and maintenance will not affect the production. Once the pressure drops to the set value, it can be started quickly to ensure the pressure is stable;

3) The nitrogen compressor makes full use of the low-pressure (4 bar) nitrogen after gasification, and pressurizes it to 8 bar to meet the production needs.


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