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2020-2-25 17:33:00

What about the air compressor rental service charge?

What is the rental fee of air compressor? I believe that many friends who need to rent air compressors will take this issue and try to find out. We'll give you an exchange:

The rental cost of air compressor includes the following main items:

1. Rental cost of air compressor equipment.

Maintenance cost of air compressor rented during this period.

3. Operating cost of personnel leasing equipment. (optional)

There are options, such as lump sum for diesel and other costs.

Basically, as long as the normal use of customers, equipment maintenance and repair are responsible for the leasing supplier. Unless it causes on-site customers, such as rain, other construction machinery collision, lifting damage, etc. The travel time of another equipment is not included in the lease term, after the equipment entrustment starts the lease fee.


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