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2021-12-8 15:08:00

Sincere cooperation, high-quality performance | FOOEN rental business is highly praised


Recently, Jinan FOOEN Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FOOEN rental) received a letter of commendation from Guangxi Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. In the letter, the client spoke highly of the conscientious and responsible work attitude, professional and efficient work style of the FOOEN rental service team.

This project is an important node of Shanghai Huayi Group's active participation in the construction of the "Belt and Road" in the global layout. It is of great significance to fill the gap in Guangxi's "coal head" industry and build a national Qinzhou petrochemical industrial base. As the compressor leasing service provider for this project, Fuen Leasing plays a vital role in the progress of the project. It can successfully complete this important project of large scale, high difficulty and long period, which reflects Fuen Leasing’s excellent technology and Responsibility.

The letter of commendation is the affirmation and praise of all colleagues in the project team for their conscientious and responsible work style, and it also greatly encouraged all colleagues in the project team. In the future, Fuen Leasing will continue to work hard to maintain the fine style of seeking truth and being pragmatic and facing up to difficulties, adhering to the business philosophy of "service quality first, long-term mutual benefit and win-win", continue to give full play to its technological advantages, and continue to contribute to the domestic chemical industry!


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